Renovation of existing aquatic facilities require special understanding and expertise. ACI‘s design-built process begins with assessing the existing facility, then engineering the improvements and construction procedures necessary to achieve the desired finished result.

Renovations frequently include today’s state-of-the-art aquatic construction concepts such as stainless steel perimeter gutter systems. These systems provide superior circulation, wave quelling features and attractive appearance. ACI can also install complete stainless steel pools as well as elevated and other specialty applications.

Innovative and durable deck surfacing materials such as ACI‘s Aqua deck give facility owners solutions to costly deck removals.

Existing pool interiors can be revitalized with ACI‘s reinforced PVC membrane system. This watertight lining has superior qualities to to traditional pool plaster, paint and tile. Its non-slip surfaces outlast other interior finishes, is easy to maintain, and is attractive to the eye. All types of water containment systems can benefit from this extraordinary lining concept.

ACI engineers into each project equipment systems that maintain the highest quality, most sanitary water possible. From the filter systems to the automated chemical control systems, ACI knows water!