Smith Spring C.C
2801 Smith Springs Rd
Nashville TN, 37217

Indoor Lap Pool for City of Nashville

Russellville Aquatic Center
1300 N. Phoenix Road
Russellville, AR

Indoor Eight Lane Competition Pool
Indoor Therapy Pool
Indoor Spray Pad

Pocahontas Aquatic Center
102 East Dalton
Pocahontas, AR

Indoor Eight Lane Pool
Indoor Therapy Pool
Outdoor Dive & Slide Pool 
Outdoor Whirlpool & Adult Pool
Outdoor Play Pool With Water Play Unit & Features

St Benards Health & Wellness
1416 Matthews
Jonesboro, AR

Indoor Lap Pool,
Indoor Rehap Indoor Whirlpool 

Norton Common YMCA
11000 Brownsboro Rd
Prospect KY 

Rec Pool
Lap Pool Whirlpoo
ndoor Water Slide 

Jonesboro Pool Center
1421 W. Nettleton Ave
Jonesboro, AR

25 yards by 25 meter outdoor pool 

Northwest YMCA 
3700 Ashland Hwy
Nashville, TN

lap pool 
aerobics physical therapy pool & whirlpool
6550 surface 124,000 gallons

University of Memphis
620 Echles
Memphis, TN 

Indoor Teaching Pool & Fitness Renovation 
2950 surface
135,000 gallons 

Hopkinsville High School
430 Koffman Drive
Hopkinsville, KY 

Indoor eight lane competition pool 3150 surface
145,000 gallons

Sumner Wellness Center
211 Big Station Camp Blvd
Gallatin, TN 

Indoor lap pool,
Indoor rehab therapy & whirlpool

Maryland Farm YMCA
5101 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 

Outdoor water park pool main water slide 
50 meter 10 lane lap pool
13,000 surface, 525,000 gallons

Bellevue YMCA
Hwy 100
Nashville, TN 

Indoor lap pool, recreation pool & whirlpool

Paragould Recreation Center
3404 Linwood Drive
Paragould, AR 

Indoor eight lap pool
Therapy Pool
15,000 sq ft outdoor water park
pools with waters slides

Easter Seals of Tennessee
2001 Woodmont Boulevard
Nashville, TN 

Special rehab therapy pool 

East Park Community Center
Woodland & 6th Street
Nashville, TN

Indoor lap pool 

Boxwell Boy Scout
Reservation Hwy 190
Lebanon, TN

Outdoor play and lap pool water features and water slide 

Girl Scout Camp Holloway 
Hwy 96
Holloway, TN 

Lap and zero entry play area 

Prairie Life Fitness Center
300 Shinge Way
Franklin, TN

Indoor lap pool
Men & Women Whirlpool 
Outdoor zero entry play & lap pool

Christian County YMCA
7805 Eagle Way
insville KY

Eight lane lap pool
Zero entry play area with play features and slide

Manchester Rec. Center
557 Woodland Street
Manchester, TN

18,000 sq ft outdoor and indoor pools
Zero entry and river run
Main water slide and water features 

Murray State University
Murray KY 

Eight lane indoor lap and rehab pool

Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel
Opryland Hotel
Nashville, TN

Zero entry play pool
Indoor six lane recreation pool
Outdoor 48 jet whirlpool
Outdoor kiddie pool
Outdoor recreation pool

Prairie Life Fitness Center
3780 Houston Levee Road
Collierville, TN

Indoor six lane fitness lap pool
Three hydro therapy spas
Outdoor water feature zero entry recreation pool

Tennessee School For Blind
Nashville TN 

Special rehab therapy pool for the blind 

Murray Calloway Hospital Wellness Center
Murray, KY

Therapy rehap and six lap pools 

Joe C Davis Day Camp
Nashville, TN 

Zero entry play pool with water slides 
Play inland and water

Williamson County Sport Complex
Brentwwod, TN

50 Meter indoor competition pool with two bulkheads

US Navy Base
Millington, TN

50 Meter renovation

City of Winchester
Winchester, TN

Six Lane Indoor and outdoor pool
Water features zero entry

Jimmy Floyd Family Life Center
511 N. Castle Heights
Lebanon, TN

21,000 sq. ft. 50 Meter Zero Entry with Water Feature & Diving Tower
Diving Well Design and Build

Metro Parks Nashville
Gresham, Smith Partners Nashville, TN

Wave Country Feature Play Pool with Dew Drops,
Rain Drop with other water Features
PVC Membrane Liner

Robertson County YMCA
3322 Tom Austin Highway

Outdoor L Shaped Zero Entry 8 Lane Gunite Swimming Pool
Indoor Training Pool with Stainless Steel Spa and Water Features

Franklin YMCA
Franklin, TN

8 Lane 75 Yard ‘T’ Shaped Outdoor Gunite Swimming Pool Zero Entry
3 Lane 75 Yard & 45 X 35 Teaching Indoor Gunite Swimming Pool with Stainless Steel

Rutherford County YMCA
Murfreesboro, TN

8 Lane 75 Yard ‘T’ Shaped Outdoor Gunite Swimming Pool O Depth Entry
3 Lane 75 Yard & 45 x 35
Teaching Indoor Gunite Swimming Pools with Stainless Steel Spa.

Donelson YMCA
3001 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN

Install new feature zero entry play pool.
Reline existing indoor and outdoor pool with PVC membrane

Madison Family YMCA
Madison Square-Gallatin RD.
Madison, TN

Lap pool and special whirlpool spa 

Overbrook Property Owners Assoc.
5711 Randolph ST
North Little Rock, AR

Remove existing 6-lane pool, install new six lane “L” shape pool with diving well 
ew kiddie pool and bathhousefilterroom

Tennessee Board of Regents
Nashville, TN
Wade Hill Architects

165,000 Renovation of Gentry Pool Center, Tennessee State University 

Cumberland Mountain State Park
Crossville, TN
Wild Construction

8 Lane 50 Meter Concrete Swimming Pool with Stainless Steel Two Tier Gutter 

Jacksonville Community Center
#1 Industrial Lane
Jacksonville, AR

Indoor Six Lane 75 Yard L Shaped Gunite Swimming Pool 

Jewish Community Center
3600 Dutchman ‘s Lane
Louisville, KY

Enlarge Existing 6 Lane Concrete Gutter to New 9 Lane Stainless Gutter System

War Memorial Fitness Center
330 Monroe Street
Little Rock, AR.

8 Lane 75 Yard ‘L’ Shaped Outdoor Pool ,with Water Slide, Activity & Kiddie Pools 

J.P. Coleman State Park
Iuku, MS

Custom Outdoor 3000 sq. ft. Recreation Gunite Swimming Pool 

Jonesboro YMCA
1421 W. Nettleton
Jonesboro, AR

25 Meter X 25 Yard Indoor Outdoor Gunite Swimming Pool 8 Lanes. 

Charlie Brown State Park
Flora, IL Barter

Renovation 105 ft. X 57 ft.Existing Pool , Install New Stainless Steel Gutter, PVC Liner, Piping, and Filter System.

N.W.A Surgical And Rehabilitation Center
Fayetteville, AR

Special Custom 45 X 25 Rehab Pool with Therapy Spa

Carruthersville Recreation Center
Carruthersville, Mo

8 Lane Indoor 25 Yard Gunite Swimming Pool 2 Tier Gutter 

Baron County YMCA
#1 YMCA Rd.
Glasgow, KY

6 Lane Indoor Gunite Swimming Pool 25 Yard Stainless Gutter 

Glasgow Golf & Country Club
359 Country Club Lane
Glasgow, KY

6 Lane 25 Yard Stainless Gutter, Bathhouse and Filter Room 

Jewish Community Center
3600 Dutchman’s Lane
Louisville, KY

8 Lane ‘T’Shaped Outdoor Gunite Swimming Pool Stainless Steel Gutter 

Mountain Home City Park
Mountain Home, AR

8 Lane ‘L’ Shape Outdoor Gunite Swimming Pool Stainless Steel Gutter.

Four Seasons Fitness Center
Cincinnati, OH

8 Lane ‘T’ Shape Outdoor, 25 Yard Indoor Gunite Swimming Pools Stainless Steel Gutter System, and Spa

Cincinnati Sports Mall
Cincinnati, OH 

8 Lane ‘Z’ Shape Outdoor, 3 Lane Yard Indoor Gunite Swimming Pools with Stainless Steel Gutter And Spa. 

City Of Memphis Park Commission
Memphis, TN

Rehabilitation And Installation of PVC Pool Liners At: 
Gooch City Park 
Lester City Park
Orange Mound City Park Raleigh City Park
Willow Rd. City Park
Douglas City Park Skinner City Park

City Of Covington
Covington City Park
Covington, TN

6 Lane Outdoor Gunite Swimming Pool Stainless Steel Gutter 

City Of Memphis Park Commission
Sexton Community Center
Memphis, TN

6 Lane Stainless Steel Wall & Floor “L’Shape Gutter Swimming Pool 25 Yard 

City Park
Fort Smith, AR

8 Lane 50 Meter Two Tier Stainless Gutter With 50 X 45 Diving Well 

City Of Memphis Park Commission
Memphis, TN

1,059,000.00 Renovations of City Parks 

City of Little Rock
Little Rock, AR

Gillam City Park Play Pools with Water Features 

City of Harrison
202 South Spring St.
Harrison , AR

Six Lane Zero Entry L Shape Pool with Water Features and Water Slide. PVC Membrane Liner.

Poplar Bluff Community Center
Poplar Bluff, MO

Six Lane Indoor Gunite Pool, with Zero Entry, Water Features, Water Slide, and Aqua Therapy Equipment. 

Collierville YMCA
Collierville, TN

Six Lane Indoor Gunite Pool with Stainless Steel Gutter, and Stainless Steel Spa;
Six Lane Outdoor Gunite,
Pool, with Zero Entry, Water Slides, and Water Features 


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